by Megan

Good news and more prayers!!

Good news – Eli’s chest tubes and catheter are OUT!!! This is huge! Less tubes! He did some eating and drinking today, much better than yesterday. He hasn’t been too keen on taking his medication today (probably due to all the puking he did yesterday).

Prayers – Eli needs to get up and move around. Right now he is so content to just lay there and do nothing. We need him to get up and move around, this will help the healing process. They also hope this will move the fluid, that is still on his lungs, out of his system.

So pray that he will move around and the fluid will clear off his lung.

Also, please pray for Noah as well. We went to the ENT today and he still has fluid in his ears (no infection – thank goodness). Now Dave and I need to decide what to do – tubes or no tubes. Pray the fluid clears up.