by Megan

Just wanted to add a correction. I was wrong, the fluid on/in his lung is not gone yet. The amount is less than yesterday, but not completely gone.


He has been resting all day. He really hasn’t been awake for long periods of time. The nurses and doctors are pleased that his rest is not drug induced but more of his own submission to sleep. He threw up two times this morning and really hasn’t eaten or drank much today.

He still has his chest tubes and oxygen tubes on. Dr. Moga hasn’t been back yet to look at his chest tubes. Those might stay in until tomorrow, we’ll see.

They’ve been reducing the amount of oxygen to work on regulating his stats. His stats dip when his oxygen gets reduced too much, but they hope when he gets up and gets moving around they can start to regulate themselves again.

Thank you for all your prayers. Lots of love to you all!!