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An Interesting Occurrence

by Dave

About a year or two ago I stumbled across this video:

I was intrigued and checked out some of their stuff. They have a lot of interesting music available. They apparently have a hookup of some sort with Electro-Harmonix, too, because they’ve done quite a few demo videos for their pedals.

I just saw a car commercial featuring the musical duo. They are called Pomplamoose. It was one of those strange moments when you see something that you think is somewhat unique in an unanticipated place. I have no idea what their play count was when I originally viewed the above video, but it’s now near two million. Apparently I’m not the only person who happened upon their music. Still, it’s a strange feeling.

Really Big Shoooowww

by Dave

So, I’m in this band called Schönefeld and we’re playing a show at the Fine Line Music Cafe on Tuesday, December 9. It’s gonna be awesome. I have free tickets for anyone interested. We play at 9:15. Don’t let this be you on Wednesday morning.

Rock and Roll

by Dave

Thursday night marked the first show for my current band, Schönefeld. It was a lot fun. Here’s a look at me during the show. For more great pictures (courtesy of Adam Swenson), check out our Facebook page. Become a fan, if you’re a Facebook member. Check out our music. You might like it.

Late Night

by Dave

Just got back from rockin’ it out at Barfly. It was a great time. As a heads up, we’ll be playing again (my band’s name is Schönefeld) on December 9 at the Fineline, and December 18 at Barfly. More info will be coming soon.

Later this morning (it’s almost 1am) we’ll be heading to the hospital for Eli’s surgery. For those wanting information, you can always try our phones. We’ll also be adding updates here as we get them. Thank you to all who are praying for our little man. We appreciate it greatly.

Another Naming Contest

by Dave

I’ve often thought it would be cool to have a name for my bass. I feel a great sentimental attachment to it and it seems a shame to simply address it as “my bass.” Here’s a picture for inspiration.