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1st Day of Preschool

by Megan

Today was Eli’s first day of preschool!! My baby is old enough to be going to school. Sigh! Time just doesn’t slow down for anyone, does it?!? Eli did a fantastic job and Momma cried a little.










My sweet babe is growing up. I’m so excited for him to experience and enjoy this next step. I hope he loves school!!

A Short Nap

by Megan

Nap time in our house has changed a bit. Eli takes forever to fall asleep and then sleeps late in the afternoon/evening. Because he sleeps so late, bedtime has become super difficult (coming out of his room at least a half a dozen times for various reason). So, we decided to forego nap time. Eli is going to preschool this fall and his class is in the afternoon. He won’t be napping much once school starts. He now has quiet time each day for about 90 mins. I set the timer for 90 mins and he stays in my room with some books and has to be quiet. It has helped immensely with bedtime. Plus I still get a break. :-)

The other day he came out of my room with 10 mins left on the timer. I sent him back to my room. The timer went off and I said he could come out (the bedroom door was open). He didn’t come and didn’t come. After a few moments I went to get him and this is what I found.

He is fast asleep and pressed up against the wall.

Today, Noah woke up after just an hour of napping. I made him lay down with me until the timer went off for Eli’s quiet time. This is what happened during those 30 mins.






It was fun while it lasted. However, it quickly became quite obvious that he woke up too soon. Now, he’s back in bed for a bit for being super naughty. Oy!!!

A Little Vacation

by Megan

We don’t take long vacations or even really call them “vacations”. We call them “get aways”. Our last “vacation” was to Mexico back in February 2011. That was almost more adventure than vacation. ;-)

Anyway, we took a little vacation in WI for a few days. The boys and I headed to Poppa’s house on Saturday. Along the way we stopped to see a friend of mine, Monica and her kids. It was a brief visit, but a wonderful one nonetheless.


On Sunday, we had the Paulson Family Reunion. Every year, we have the reunion, on the first Sunday in August. Once, we deviated from that particular day. It was when Dave and I go married. They pushed it back a week so family could get a 2 for 1 deal – wedding and reunion. :-) Of course I didn’t get any pictures from the reunion but we had a wonderful time. It was fun to see family that I haven’t seen for years and visit with those that I see on a fairly regular basis. I missed the ones who couldn’t be there or are no longer here on earth.

The boys and I stayed at Poppa’s house. We went to the Clear Lake Park for a few hours on Monday. It was chilly and kinda wet, but we enjoyed being the only ones at the quiet park.


We stopped to see Gramma Caron on our way home. The boys love stopping to see her. Eli talks about her and Noah just mimics what he says. Noah never got to meet her, I was pregnant with him when she died. Eli gave Gramma hugs and blew her kisses. :-) Sweet boy!


Monday evening, Dave came to Clear Lake and after supper we took off and left the boys with Poppa. Yes, that’s right! We got to get away for a few days to celebrate our anniversary…alone. That means with no children, for those of you who were wondering. ;-) We borrow some friend’s (Brad and Ronda Paulson) cabin in Spooner, WI for a few days. We watched several movies, played some cribbage, went for a pontoon boat ride around the small lake and just enjoyed being together. We got to have conversations, uninterrupted. Gasp! It was kinda nice and quiet. :-)


The scenery around the lake was beautiful. We chatted about our dream of owning a lake lot someday.


It was a wonderful little getaway with my love, David John.


August 7th marks 9 years of marriage. I hope we have many more years together. Thank you Jesus for a wonderful man!


Summer Fun

by Megan

We’ve been having a fun summer hanging out with our friends. One of the perks of summer vacation is having time to have play dates and visit with our friends. It’s hard to do that during the school year. I need to play a little catch up with pictures and events.

The Nina and Pinta replica ships were in the Hudson Harbor for 2 weeks at the beginning of July. Dave and I took the boys, it was fun but not really worth the $8 per adult.



We took a trip to Mondovi, WI to visit our friends, The Hintgen’s. It was Leah’s birthday.

We got to ride with Becky and her boys, Elliott and Zachary. The boys enjoyed being together so much that Eli has been asking for a van. A red one, just like Elliott and Zachary have. :-)


One day the boys and I recreated the Island of Sodor on our deck with train tracks, blocks and chalk. They had a blast. It was too hot to stay out for long, but they enjoyed the time we did play with it.


The boys got “new to us” bikes. They have been having so much fun riding bikes up and down the street and to the park. Noah wasn’t able to peddle for ver long, so Dave and I had to push him along. We were creative!!





Nate, Sarah and kiddos invited us to join them for the Ramsey County Parade. We had a fun evening with them. We went out to eat, went to a garage sale and watched the parade. It was a great visit!


We also went to the splash pad over in Cottage Grove with Katie and Caleb. The boys loved it! We played in the water, had a picnic and played some more. It’s a great way to tire out little boys. :-) Caleb was a regular fish. Eli was willing to try anything and Noah wanted to watch much of the time.



I think I’m all caught up on our busy but fun times!!


by Megan

The boys now have bikes! Yay!!! Some friends from church were getting rid if some small bikes. The boys are so excited!


We went for a few bike rides yesterday. Eli has gotten the hang of it but Noah still needs help. Eli was so excited to show me how he can ride his bike.

We took our neighbor’s lawn mower back to him yesterday. I helped Noah along the way. :-)


The park is only 2 blocks away, I have a feeling that lots of bike rides to the park will be happening for the remainder of the summer.


Now, we need bike helmets! And Mommy and Daddy need to get some bikes.