Summer Fun

by Megan

We’ve been having a fun summer hanging out with our friends. One of the perks of summer vacation is having time to have play dates and visit with our friends. It’s hard to do that during the school year. I need to play a little catch up with pictures and events.

The Nina and Pinta replica ships were in the Hudson Harbor for 2 weeks at the beginning of July. Dave and I took the boys, it was fun but not really worth the $8 per adult.



We took a trip to Mondovi, WI to visit our friends, The Hintgen’s. It was Leah’s birthday.

We got to ride with Becky and her boys, Elliott and Zachary. The boys enjoyed being together so much that Eli has been asking for a van. A red one, just like Elliott and Zachary have. :-)


One day the boys and I recreated the Island of Sodor on our deck with train tracks, blocks and chalk. They had a blast. It was too hot to stay out for long, but they enjoyed the time we did play with it.


The boys got “new to us” bikes. They have been having so much fun riding bikes up and down the street and to the park. Noah wasn’t able to peddle for ver long, so Dave and I had to push him along. We were creative!!





Nate, Sarah and kiddos invited us to join them for the Ramsey County Parade. We had a fun evening with them. We went out to eat, went to a garage sale and watched the parade. It was a great visit!


We also went to the splash pad over in Cottage Grove with Katie and Caleb. The boys loved it! We played in the water, had a picnic and played some more. It’s a great way to tire out little boys. :-) Caleb was a regular fish. Eli was willing to try anything and Noah wanted to watch much of the time.



I think I’m all caught up on our busy but fun times!!