A Short Nap

by Megan

Nap time in our house has changed a bit. Eli takes forever to fall asleep and then sleeps late in the afternoon/evening. Because he sleeps so late, bedtime has become super difficult (coming out of his room at least a half a dozen times for various reason). So, we decided to forego nap time. Eli is going to preschool this fall and his class is in the afternoon. He won’t be napping much once school starts. He now has quiet time each day for about 90 mins. I set the timer for 90 mins and he stays in my room with some books and has to be quiet. It has helped immensely with bedtime. Plus I still get a break. :-)

The other day he came out of my room with 10 mins left on the timer. I sent him back to my room. The timer went off and I said he could come out (the bedroom door was open). He didn’t come and didn’t come. After a few moments I went to get him and this is what I found.

He is fast asleep and pressed up against the wall.

Today, Noah woke up after just an hour of napping. I made him lay down with me until the timer went off for Eli’s quiet time. This is what happened during those 30 mins.






It was fun while it lasted. However, it quickly became quite obvious that he woke up too soon. Now, he’s back in bed for a bit for being super naughty. Oy!!!