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by Megan

Just wanted to add a correction. I was wrong, the fluid on/in his lung is not gone yet. The amount is less than yesterday, but not completely gone.


He has been resting all day. He really hasn’t been awake for long periods of time. The nurses and doctors are pleased that his rest is not drug induced but more of his own submission to sleep. He threw up two times this morning and really hasn’t eaten or drank much today.

He still has his chest tubes and oxygen tubes on. Dr. Moga hasn’t been back yet to look at his chest tubes. Those might stay in until tomorrow, we’ll see.

They’ve been reducing the amount of oxygen to work on regulating his stats. His stats dip when his oxygen gets reduced too much, but they hope when he gets up and gets moving around they can start to regulate themselves again.

Thank you for all your prayers. Lots of love to you all!!


Night #2

by Megan

Last night was a much better night for all of us. Eli dozed much of the evening and woke up for about 30 minutes at 10pm. He was wide awake and chatting with me. It was good to see him awake and alert.

He slept really, really well during the night. The nurse woke him up once to eat some graham cracker, he ate about 1/2 of it with no problem. At 5:30am they came and took a chest x-ray, the result from the x-ray was good. There had been some fluid on his lungs, but that is gone now. When the crew of doctors came in this morning, they decided to take out his chest tubes and are weaning him off several meds and his oxygen. The goal today is get him to sit up more and be more wide awake, they hope this will help his oxygen levels to improve and maintain.

Dr. Moga came back later to take his chest tubes out he noticed a little air bubble at the top of the tube. They hope it can work its way out and they can still take out the tubes later this afternoon.

I’m anxious for him to have the chest tubes removed so we can hold him again. We haven’t gotten to really hold him since early Tuesday morning, that’s a long time. He is resting well for now.

Thank you again for all your prayers.