Baby Steps

by Megan

That’s what we’re taking today, baby steps. Baby steps are much better than peddling backwards.

Eli took a turn for the best yesterday evening. After the additional chest tube went in, some fluid came out and he took a nap, he was doing SO much better. Dave said last night he was so chipper when he woke up from his catnap, he ate a bunch of food and got up and moved around.

Today he’s gone for several walks and wagon rides. He found a kid’s sized shopping cart and LOVES to push that around. He has eaten a bunch of food and has watched several movies already today. In between each walk, he likes to sit in the chair and rest, before going out for walks again.

We are so thankful he is doing so much better. They have officially put the ‘step down’ label on his chart. Meaning – they don’t need to take his vitals as often as before and can leave him alone for longer periods of time. Whoohoo!!! Praise God!!!