A few things…

by Dave

1. As you may have noticed I was using the blog to vent some frustration, express my feelings and keep people updated. I’ve decided to start journaling more and will be using the blog for less emotional updates. I do plan to keep everyone updated on our family and how we are doing, but most of my personal feelings will be expressed in my journal. Depending upon what I write, I may post a journal entry from time to time.

2. Today we are starting the process of cutting down a big tree out front of our house. The tree is partially dead and needs to come down anyway. Once the tree is down and the stumps (there are two) are removed, we intend to plant a maple tree in memory of Mom. I have lots of plants from the visitation/funeral that I plan to put around the base of the tree. I would like to create a little memorial for Mom. Some place that I can go to sit and talk with her. I need this for me because I won’t be able to go to the cemetery whenever I want to be with Mom, it is too far away. It will be nice to have this at our place.

3. Eli has learned to say, Papa and Au Brion, for Grampa and Aunt Brianna. It is super cute when he says their names. I makes me glad that he’s making those types of connections.

4. Please continue to pray for us. This has been an extremely difficult journey and it all still sucks. Like I said before, I wasn’t ready for my Mom to die. Dad wasn’t ready for his wife to die. Brianna wasn’t ready for her Mom to die. Basically, we were not ready for this unexpected life change and I wish there was something I could do to change it all.