How are you?

by Dave

I get asked this question many, many, many times a day. Often times I want to ask the recipient if they want the polite answer (fine, thank you) or the honest answer (HORRIBLE!!!).

How are you? Well, I am…

  • sad – I don’t have a mom any more
  • tired – I wake up often due to being pregnant and needing to pee all the time, and struggle with falling back asleep
  • jealous – of those who still have moms (especially those who may not like their moms); that Mom knows my baby’s name (I have no idea)
  • happy – to meet my new baby boy
  • excited – to be meet my baby and be done with the pregnancy
  • angry – at God for taking Mom, at Mom for dying
  • irritated – that I can’t be available for my Dad and sister on a daily basis
  • good – I made it ________ minutes/hours without thinking about her
  • stressed – about not having much time to take off with my new baby
  • overwhelmed – at the thought of needing/wanting to fill Mom’s shoes, being supportive/helpful/useful/not annoying/etc. from a distance
  • thankful – that I still have my Dad, sister, husband, kids and lots of family and friends

That’s how I’m doing.