A message from Dad…

by Dave

I just wanted to stop in and say thank you to all that have and are praying for us. Megan’s incredible mom raised an incredible daughter that has been a rock the last several days. I know I would not be very functional if not for her. We know Caron has gotten all the answers to all her questions and is at peace and we are granted some measure of grace and peace knowing that. She’s leaves a huge hole in our lives that I promise to both Megan and Brianna I will try to step up and fill. I know several of Megan’s other mom’s check in here and I only ask that they squeeze a little room into their lives for an additional daughter or two. I love all my girls with all my heart and I will pour that out on two little boys soon! Thanks again and if anyone wants to contact me direct I’m at papjr56@yahoo.com. Love you Megan, Dad