by Dave

Today was a very difficult day. We managed to make it through with lots of tears, music and laughter.

We cried as we said our final goodbyes to Mom. She will forever be missed and always be loved. Mom will be cremated and we’ll have a graveside burial for just family when the time is right (if there is such a time).

We sang some of her favorite worship songs nice and loud!! I will probably never make it through ‘Sweetly Broken’ without crying (although I didn’t cry today during the song).

We laughed today as well. Brianna and I made the congregation laugh when I said, “I’ve always told Brianna that I’m the favorite and she’s adopted”. Brianna said (very loudly), “I’m not adopted!!!”. We laughed at home when we talked about how creepy it would’ve been to have Mom smiling to show off her ‘new teeth’ (she recently got her braces off and loved her straight teeth). We laughed when we opened a card with no label on the front of the envelope and nothing written on the inside of the card. We laughed when we saw the card addressed to “Breanna, Meghan and Carl P.”. Our names are: Brianna, Megan and Paul, just saying!! ;-)

God’s grace is with us each day and through him we’ll make it through each day. We have a long journey ahead of us but we’ll make it through with God by our side.