Awkward Moments…

by Dave

There were quite a few awkward moments from the visitation that I thought I would share with you.

– People just giving us hugs without saying who they are or how they know Mom.

– Dad asking, “Do you remember _________?” 9 out of 10 times I didn’t and felt really bad for saying so. I would recognize many of them but their names were not familiar. Neither was the description of, “well, they live in so-so’s old house over by so-so’s land, etc., etc., etc.”. (LOVE YOU DAD!!!)

– A young child asking if Mom’s legs were cut off (because we couldn’t see them).

– Same young child asking if her head was cut off and just sitting there because of Mom’s neck rolls.

– Watching one of Mom’s students try to grab her hand to shake it – this was just creepy (dead people feel weird)!!

– Random people that I didn’t know rubbing my belly.

– People telling me Mom’s death is harder on them than it is on me. Pretty sure its not!!

These are the ones that I can remember. Enjoy the giggle!