The latest…

by Dave

I just realized its been a long time since I last update all of you on the happenings of the Burlingame clan.

Eli…is now well adjusted to his new bed. He does a great job of staying in bed and has only fallen out two separate times (once at our house and once at Grampa and Gramma’s house). I have to laugh, a few times I’ve needed to get the pack n’ play out for other kiddos to sleep in and Eli gets mad. He must think it is for him to sleep in. It has been fun for us to see his language (talking/signing) abilities take off and we really enjoy communicating with him now that we can understand him. Eli LOVES LOVES LOVES to watch some signing DVDs we have on loan from Gramma P. called, ‘Signing Time’ (can be found at Lots of verbal language and lots of sign language has been picked up by both Eli and Dave (sign language component). Eli enjoys helping Dave and I around the house. He has his own water can (my old one) and likes to carry it out to my raspberry and tomato plants to help me water them. Just this morning he and Dave finished putting a culvert ring in the fire pit. Eli’s feet have also grown by leaps and bounds this summer, in the spring he was still wearing a size 4 but now he comfortably wears a 7 and sometimes an 8. I think this is just an indication of how much shoe shopping we’ll be doing as he grows up.

Dave…has been keeping very busy at work. They have needed him to come in early many times this summer. Lots of deliveries needing to be made. Softball is now over, but his team did a great job and played well together. Eli and I didn’t make it to very many games due to times, the heat and other events going on. Dave has been very diligent about working on the house and has made some great progress. We (and by ‘we’, I mean Dave) have been making steady progress in getting things done around the house to make room for the baby. I’m excited about what is done and a little anxious about what still needs to be done (pray please!!). Dave has gotten some new musical gear and has been selling other musical gear. He has been ‘fine tuning’ one of his basses and has been enjoying every minute of that. I love my husband!

Me…I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer home with Eli. We’ve had lots of fun hanging out together, working around the house and yard, running errands, going for walks, etc. I used my one free day each week (Eli had to go to daycare one day a week to maintain our spot) to get homework done. I took a class this summer called ‘Environmental Education’ it was a requirement for my teaching license. I have no intentions of using the knowledge at all, but who knows, maybe it will come in handy one day. I head back to work full-time next week for the upcoming 2010-2011 school year. Part of me is excited to go back (because I love my job) but part of me is not looking forward to going back (because I love being home with Eli).

Gilbert…has steadily been growing, the doc says I’m on target for size and should be on target to deliver a nice size baby boy (not quite sure what this means). Gilbert has taken to waking up and moving a lot from 10-11pm and 5-6am. If he can have a sleep pattern like that when he’s born, I’d be alright with that.

Dave and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on August 7th. We had a great weekend together, kidless (well, as kidless as we could be). Eli spent the weekend with Gramma and Grampa Paulson. They had all kinds of fun. Dave and I got a hotel room for Saturday night, ordered in pizza, went swimming and went to see a movie (we wanted to test out my new hearing aids in a theater). Sunday we did lots of house and yard work, it was a very productive day. Then we went out for a fancy dinner at Vic’s in Minneapolis. It was such wonderful food and a great experience. We took a little stroll down by the waterworks system as well, since it was right there. We also saw a beaver!

That’s our not so quick update.