Swim Lessons and Big Boy Bed

by Dave

Swim Lessons: Swim lessons went MUCH better this week! Eli was much more comfortable in the water and enjoyed being in the water. Eli enjoyed throwing various toys around the pool and ‘chasing’ them, kicking his legs, making splashes, attempting to blow bubbles and jump into the pool. One day we decided to be daring and dunked him. He came up out of the water with very wide eyes and a shocked look on his face, then he signed ‘more’. The swim instructor said to only do things three times before moving onto another activity, then you can come back to the former activities.

All in all, swim lessons were a success. Eli has advanced onto ‘Toddler B’ swim lessons, just need to get him signed up. The only downside to week two was the pool water was much colder, therefore by the end of the 25 minutes we had a very blue toddler on our hands (who loved to get wrapped up and snuggle for a few minutes after each lesson).  I had to explain to the swim instructor that Eli’s blueness was normal due to his heart condition, she was a bit concerned at first.

Big Boy Bed: On Monday, Eli and I decided to surprise Dave. My friend/coworker, Katie, came over to help take down Eli’s crib, rearrange his room and to together the twin bed. Eli was in the room with us the whole time and helped as much as he was able to do so. Once we got his room rearranged and the bed set up, Eli spent the next few minutes playing on his bed and getting acquainted with everything. He was quite pleased with how it looked.

The first night was interesting. Eli went to bed just fine but woke up around 2am and wouldn’t got back to bed for a very long time. He wanted to snuggle so I laid down in bed with him. He would snuggle and doze, then wake up and want to play for a minute or two, then he would snuggle again. Finally after 2.5 hours I just left him in bed alone, he cried for a few minutes and then fell asleep for the next 4.5 hours.  Needless to say, I took a nap later that day.

The next few days were uneventful, the only interesting things he did in bed were move around a lot. Up until yesterday, he hadn’t fallen out of bed or gotten out of bed on his own.  Yesterday he woke up from nap time and heard me moving around, he got out of bed, pounded on the door and yelled, “MOM” until I opened the door. Last night he fell out of bed but it didn’t wake him up. We heard him fall and ran into his room, Dave said he was still asleep until he picked him up. Wonder what would’ve happened if we left him alone. Today after nap time he found his wagon full of blocks and brought them over to the door, laid down in front of the door, stuck his hand under the door and yelled “MOM” until I came and got him.

All in all the transition was much easier than we expected which we were quite pleased with. Tomorrow night will be the first time he sleeps in a different bed, in a different house. Eli and I are going to Gramma and Grampa’s house.