So, God loves us…

by Dave

Today on our way to church Dave noticed he needed to get gas in his car, we made plans to stop on our way home. After church we decided to go visit our friend, Morgan Sheesley, in the hospital before heading home (please visit his caringbridge site to pray for him and his family,  We had a great visit with Morgan, he and Dave were able to swap stories about living with Crohn’s/Colitis. Eli and I spent some time wandering and playing in the halls.

As we were leaving the hospital we once again noticed the tank was getting empty but were hopeful we would have enough to get to the gas station. We were a mile from the gas station when the car stopped running, the car coasted about another 100 feet before coming to a complete stop. Dave decided to walk up to the gas station while Eli and I hung out in the car (Eli was napping) with all the windows down and a slight breeze coming through the windows. Mind you, it was very warm outside and in my current condition, I was over heating very quickly and had nothing to drink (I drank all my water). As soon as Dave started walking and cars were zooming past us, I started praying. I prayed that someone would be ever so gracious and stop to give him a ride. Dave made it about 30 feet down the road and a car stopped, the gentleman offered to give him a ride to the gas station. Once at the station Dave bought another gas can (ours was at home) and some gas. The gentleman was so gracious and waited for Dave to buy the gas can, fill it up and gave him a ride back to our car. An adventure that could’ve taken a hour, give or take a few, (Eli and I could’ve been way overheated or worse), only took a matter of minutes due to a wonderful, gracious gentleman. We pray a blessing over the random gentleman and his family!!

Dave said several times that God was watching over me, the baby and Eli. He said the 2-mile round trip walk would not have bothered him but he knew we would be the ones suffering. Again, we pray a blessing on that kind gentleman and his family.