The Sansa Cometh

by Dave

My new Sansa View has arrived, which is very exciting as it was originally scheduled to be delivered three days from now. Hooray for Amazon’s free shipping always being faster than promised!

I’m already loving the player. The sound quality is great and it’s very easy to use. It also looks quite nice and has a sturdy feel to it. The user interface is well organized and functions perfectly. The only thing I think is lacking with the player is the design of the Now Playing screen. All the pertinent information is there, it’s just not as “pretty” as it could be. During my comparison shopping I got a look at Apple’s play screen as implemented on the new iPods. It’s very nice to look at. The price, however, more than makes up for that little nitpick. My 16gb View was $25 less than an 8gb Nano.

Some additional features included in the player are FM radio (which works surprisingly well), voice and FM recording, video playback and photo viewing. Overall, it’s a very nice player.