Snow, snow, snow, snow!!!

by Dave

Yay for snow!!! I am truly amazed at how much snow we have this early in the winter season. Yesterday when it started snowing I debated heading home early or going to see my kiddos. I finally decided to go see my kiddos, we had a great time and they worked very hard. Anyway, by the time I was done working it was snowing a lot and I wasn’t looking forward to driving home in it. I left Colfax, WI at 3:45pm and it typically takes me an hour to drive home. Well, by the time I got home it a few minutes before 6pm. I was white knuckle driving all the way along I-94. It was scary. I drove between 35-45 mph most of the the way. Upon entering Minnesota however, I drove 20-25 mph. Why?!?! The roads were not plowed yet and it was impossible to distinguish where the lanes were. Most everyone was very cautious but there were still those stupid people who had to drive really fast and freak everyone else out. Grrr!!! When I got home I stayed home and didn’t leave the apartment until the next morning.  Other than the freaky driving experience I’m really glad it snowed.  :)