Return to Sender

by Dave

Well, after a few days of auditioning the Sansa View, I’ve decided to return it. There were a few things that weren’t working exactly as they should (some slowness in menu browsing, screen flickering, etc.). The problems weren’t major, but they were enough to convince me to try the View’s main competitor, the Creative Zen. I picked one up at Walmart (and returned it after sufficient testing as they didn’t have the 16gb player in stock).

Wow. The Zen is a much nicer player than the View. I now see where the difference in price comes from. The Zen’s screen is phenomenal. It’s the nicest screen I’ve seen on this type of device. The interface is also much nicer to use and look at. Sound quality is also much better. Having used both players, it’s easy to say the Zen’s heftier price tag is justifiable.

So did I run out and order the Zen from Amazon? Not just yet. I read today that Creative just announced a 32gb version of the Zen. It’s set to release in Singapore (Creative’s home country) in a few days, with a US release in the very near future. I think I’ll wait and see what happens once that one hits the shelves. I’m hoping that maybe the 16gb price might come down a bit. If not, I’ll spring for the 32. We’ll see.