Decisions, decisions…

by Dave

I’ve been struggling lately with which music player buy. I eliminated the iPod right away as I’m not an iTunes fan and, amazingly, none of the current iPods match the specs that I’m looking for. My requirements are:

    • must be flash-based
    • minimum 16gb of storage (has to hold all my tunes)
    • can’t be ridiculously expensive (iPod Touch is cool, but wicked expensive)

      The two I’ve been trying to decide between are the new Creative Zen and Sansa View (both 16gb). Both have expandable storage and great battery life (the View is rated at 36 hours for music playback). The extra features (radio, eq, video) are also pretty comparable. The big difference right now is price. The Zen is $250 and the View is $176. In all likelihood, that will be enough to steer me toward the View. However, I have a tendency to be indecisive about things like this and will likely change my mind about ten times between now and when I actually have the money to purchase a player. We’ll see what happens.