Fun at FedEx

by Dave

I spent today learning some defensive driving skills as well as familiarizing myself with the standard delivery truck at FedEx’s airport facility. One of the things they taught us (which, by the way, we’re not supposed to actually do if we can help it) is how to parallel park. It’s not as difficult as it first seemed. But, really, when am I ever going to find a spot large enough for the truck?

On my way to Wendy’s for lunch (in my personal car, that is) I encountered a roundabout. Having limited experience with them, I made sure to take a good look at the intersection to make sure I didn’t do something stupid. It was then that I realized another car was going the wrong direction in the roundabout. Genius. Fortunately there was only one other car going the proper direction. I have a feeling that, as a courier, I’m going to be seeing a lot of stupid driving. I’ll be sure to share the really special stories here with you.