Thanksgiving at 100dB's

by Dave

We’re resting our ears today after getting back last night from the big Thanksgiving gathering in DL. My family is so loud (and I love it). It’s one of the few places Megan doesn’t need to wear her hearing aids. If you have any questions about whether or not that’s an exaggeration, ask Aaron H.

Much food was eaten and many card games played. One of our favorites is Wist. Nat and I love taunting our parents as we win game after game thanks to our superior strategy and trash-talking. Cribbage is a close second. Games, in general, are one of the big contributers to the volume at home. We especially love games that involve a lot of yelling, like Taboo. Phase 10 is another favorite thanks to the angry yelling caused by skip cards and people going out when you’re only one card from getting your phase. So aggravating. It’s more of a love/hate relationship, really, with Phase 10.

Despite the fun at my parents’ place, it’s good to be home. I enjoy few things more than watching football from the comfort of my couch. And thanks to fantasy football and my yelling at the tv, it’s almost as noisy here.