Silly Sleepers

by Megan

Lately, we’ve gotten some good pictures of our boys sleeping in silly positions. Here’s what we’ve accumulated thus far. Enjoy a good giggle!

Noah decided his head was cold.

Noah passed out after the Heartbeat 5000 5k Race. He was so tuckered out from watching people run and attempting to run away himself. ;-)

Here’s the top view…

Here’s the butt view.

Eli fell asleep holding his sippy cup in the air. It stayed there for about 3 minutes before his arm finally fell down.

Passed out baby in the car. It took him about 3 seconds to fall asleep.

Squished up baby. This does not look comfy, at all!

This is his “Drew Brees” pose. 

He’s reverting back to his fetus days.

Tongue sticking out?!?!

I call this one “kicking his heels up”.

Every night Dave and/or I check on the boys before we go to bed. We generally have a good laugh about how they are sleeping. Enjoy our silly sleepers!