Holy crap, we ran a 5k!!!

by Megan

Today we ran our first ever 5k. We have participated in a 5k previously, but did not run, we walked. Today, we ran! Secretly, it has been on my bucket list for a few years to run a race of some sort. It made logical sense to start with a 5k because it is short, relatively speaking (if one can call 3.2 miles “short”). I’m so glad to say…IT’S DONE!!

We got to the race area and I was so amazed and overwhelmed by the number of people there. It was so busy and so packed. It was so amazing!!! I was blown away by the number of people who were supporting family and friends of individuals with congenital heart defects. The outpouring of love was so evident. It brought tears to my eyes. I hope next year we can get more family and friends to join the cause and be on our team. I’ll start recruiting now. ;-)

We were able to see Eli’s cardiologist, Dr. Rios. He came over and visited for a few minutes. We saw a few other nurses and doctors from Eli’s hospital stays and visits. Eli and I even got to connect with our favorite nurse, Christi. During the race, I even ran a few blocks with Dr. Rios. :-)We saw other families from Eli’s hospital stays and had a few quick moments to catch up with some of them.

A dear friend, Katie Saucier, joined our team and ran with us today. She had sweet baby Caleb just 4 months ago and was able to run a 5k today. Amazing!!! I was overwhelmed by her love and support. She loves my boys so much and it makes my heart so happy!

We started out running together, but I was very firm in my instructions to NOT wait for me, which they didn’t. ;-) I had a feeling I was going to get emotional today, I usually do at events like this. I was a little teary eyed in the beginning, feeling overwhelmed by all the people there. For awhile I could see Dave and Katie ahead of me, but eventually I lost them. At one point I caught up to Dave, we ran together for a bit (I got teary eyed again). Dave did some walking but was able to catch up to me again twice, goes to show that I was running really slow! Eventually Dave had to take a longer walk break and I kept going. I got onto the bridge and I knew the race was almost over. I felt an extra surge of energy and picked up the pace a bit. I got to the end and the time was 34 minutes but I think I’m under that due to being so far back at the start line. I’ll have to look at the final results in a few days. Anyway, as soon as I stopped running, I started crying. I found my Dad with the boys and bawled!! I completed my first 5k in honor of my sweet little man, Eli. Amazing!!! I ran the entire time. I was so overwhelmed and so proud of myself.

Eli’s cheesy grin on our way home from the race. He had fun today as well.

I’ve been encouraged and supported by so many friends. A dear friend from college, Greg Asplund, has been so supportive and encouraging of my training process. In the past year or so, he has become a runner (and a good one at that) and is so encouraging of those who are runners or wanting to become runners.Thanks Geg!!!

Here we are!! All hot and sweaty after our first 5k. So amazing! I love my husband and I’m so glad to have had his support during this adventure. I’m already looking forward to next year’s race. :-)

This little man is DJ. He is in one of my early childhood programs. Such a sweetheart!!