Friday Night Fun!!

by Megan

Last week, we watched our niece and nephew, Alexis and Evan. We decided to have some fun while they were here.



Messy hands!!!


Playing in the shaving cream.

Ewwey gooey squishy!!!

Even Noah had fun. Although we decided next time to give him whipped cream, he tried eating the shaving cream and didn’t think it was yummy.

Eli and his messy hands!!

Look at me!!!

Ahhhh!!!! Messy Alexis!!

Alexis let me put her hair in pigtails. So stinkin’ cute!!!!

Messy fun!!!!

I’m a boy! I’m messy! I’m lovin’ it!!

Alexis drawing pictures.

After our messy fun and a bath, they are settled on the couch, in their jammies, eating popcorn. So cute!!! It was fun a really fun evening.