Praise God!!!

by Megan

Dr. Moga (the cardiologist surgeon) just came in. He said everything went great. They did the Fontan procedure and put pacemaker leads in as well. Eli is on his way to his recovery room and we’ll be able to see him within the hour.

The reason for the pacemaker leads is because Eli’s heart rate does not increase enough when under stress or pressure. EX: His heart rate should be between 70-137 at normal, resting rate. Yesterday when he was having blood drawn (a slightly tramatic experience), his heart rate only increased to 130. Dr. Moga said the same thing today, during surgery his heart rate stayed fairly platonic. The leads are there for future purposes (just in case), so they won’t have to do another open heart surgery just to put the leads in.

Again, thank you so much for your prayers. We appreciate it very, very much!!