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Quick Update

by Megan

Eli is settled in his room. He’s doing fantastic! At about 4:30pm he started waking up, they wanted him to wake up some before taking out some tubes. Yep. They already took out some tubes…on the day of surgery! Yay!!! He is off the ventilator and the NG tube. He’s been awake on and off since having the tubes removed. Each time he stirs awake he asks for something to drink, unfortunately he can’t have anything for 4 hours after the ventilator is removed. For now he’s just resting.

Here he is post surgery. At this point he was out of surgery for about an hour.

Here he is with less tubes. He already looking tons better.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, encouragement, love and support. We really truly appreciate it.

Praise God!!!

by Megan

Dr. Moga (the cardiologist surgeon) just came in. He said everything went great. They did the Fontan procedure and put pacemaker leads in as well. Eli is on his way to his recovery room and we’ll be able to see him within the hour.

The reason for the pacemaker leads is because Eli’s heart rate does not increase enough when under stress or pressure. EX: His heart rate should be between 70-137 at normal, resting rate. Yesterday when he was having blood drawn (a slightly tramatic experience), his heart rate only increased to 130. Dr. Moga said the same thing today, during surgery his heart rate stayed fairly platonic. The leads are there for future purposes (just in case), so they won’t have to do another open heart surgery just to put the leads in.

Again, thank you so much for your prayers. We appreciate it very, very much!!


by Megan

Dr. Rios and Dr. Burton have both been in a few times. Dr. Rios is Eli’s pediatric cardiologist. Dr. Burton is the cardiologist who is in the surgery room (he is not performing the surgery).

Dr. Rios said everything is going great. He said Eli was doing really well. He said there have been no surprises, which is always good. :)

Dr. Burton just came in again and said they were getting ready to close him up, it should only be a few more minutes. They were going to finish up the surgery and take him back to his recovery room. Once he has had some recovery time (an hour or two) then we’ll be able to go see him.

Thank you for all your prayers!!

Surgery Has Begun

by Dave

Eli went into the OR about 7:30 this morning. They spent the first chunk of time getting everything setup and all his lines in. The actual surgery started about 9:15. The plan is for about four hours of actual surgery followed by the time required to come out of anesthesia.

A doctor just came in and said things are going well. More updates to come later.