Two things…

by Megan

Today I decided there are two things that I really, really like; some could even say I love them.

1. I really, really like our new stroller. I took the boys on a 4.5 mile walk today and was just impressed at how smooth it rode, easy it was to push and how comfortable the boys were. Their seats are completely independent of each other, one can lay down while the other sits up. They each have their own snack tray and cup holder. Their umbrella shades are independent of each other as well. There is a big basket below the seats which is great for storage. However, there is a bar that prohibits us from putting the diaper bag down there, which is ok because we can still hang it from the handle bars like before.

Here is a picture of the boys in the new stroller. It only took me about 15 minutes to put it together. We got it from for $150. In our opinion, it was a ‘steal of a deal’, especially considering how expensive double strollers can be. We also wanted to buy a new one because we will have it and use it for years to come.

2. I did this with Eli and I’m doing it with Noah and I still enjoy it…A LOT! I am making Noah’s baby food. I found a good website,; I’ve tried many of their recipes and I’m looking forward to trying more. So far, Noah hasn’t turned down a single food item that I have made for him. He has eaten everything and always wants more! I enjoy saving our family tons of money by buying fresh, frozen or canned produce and making my own baby food. I can buy a big sweet potato for less an a dollar and get 6-10 meals out of it whereas baby food sweet potatoes can cost from 50-85 cents a  jar. That’s ridiculous! Now, I’ll admit that with Eli, if the food was on sale and I didn’t have a ton of time, I did buy some baby food for him. I generally block off a few hours, puree tons of food, put it containers in the fridge and as the ice-cube trays are freed up, I freeze more. I love having a variety of food for him to eat. We were blessed with about 60 jars of pureed meat (someone bought a TON (at 92 cents a jar) and their child didn’t like it so it was passed on to us) and Noah loves it! Each meal consist of some meat, veggies and fruit for dessert. All in all, I enjoy making the food and Noah is a very good eater.

Those are just two of the things I like today. Enjoy!