Swim Lessons…

by Megan

…were a success!!! I’m pleased to say that Eli did a fantastic job in his swimming class. He really enjoyed being in the water. He had to play with every single toy at least once during each class. Without knowing, realizing or fully understanding the consequences, he would ask me to let go of him while he was swimming. Needless to say, he would quickly sink (no worries, I would catch him). He started getting good at blowing bubbles and kicking. He does NOT like being on his back in the water. My favorite story from the 2 weeks…one day he was holding on to the edge of the pool, he looked at me and said, “look Mom, no hands” as he let go of the edge. Oh boy!!

Last summer we took the ‘toddler A’ swimming class, this summer we attempted to take the ‘toddler B’ class. Due to lack of participates we were asked to join the ‘toddler A’ class and work on ‘toddler B’ skills. Some of those skills included swimming with the swim instructors. Eli gladly went to them and did all the things they asked him to do.

The great news…he ‘graduated’ and can be in the preschool swimming class next summer. Yay!!! The goal will be to get Eli signed up for the preschool class and Noah in the toddler class during the same times. Wish me luck!