Cardiologist Update…

by Dave

Today I took Eli into the cardiologist for his bi-annual checkup. He had an echocardiogram done today and did a fabulous job. The technician put the movie ‘Madagascar’ on the TV, Eli laid back and watched the movie during the entire process. He did a wonderful job, I wasn’t sure how he would react to the table and the entire echo procedure. I was certainly surprised.

Next we saw Dr. Rios and he was super pleased with how everything looked. He informed me that all the mechanics of his heart were working just as they should for his condition. He also said the leakage in his heart valve seemed to be much improved, apparently his medication and the last surgery helped with that process. He also said that Eli was right on target for weight and height (based on his heart condition).

Dr. Rios said in April we’ll do the hospitalization visit. Meaning – Eli will be admitted for the day and undergo a heart catherization, EKG, MRI and other testing. The tests are in preparation for his final surgery. The doc said we could hold off on his last surgery until sometime next fall, but I asked if we could bump it up to during the summer (especially since I could be home with him). Dr. Rios said that was perfectly fine, he likes to accommodate parent’s schedules as much as he can.

Once again, a wonderful report from the cardiologist! This makes me very, very happy!!! Praise God!!!