Random Celebrity (Sort of) Sighting

by Dave

We’re at our hotel in Madison, WI for Megan’s cousin’s wedding. We put Eli in bed a bit ago in the room and we’re now sitting in the lobby for a bit so he can fall asleep. Some sketchy looking dude just came in and checked in at the front desk. He looked familiar so I thought about it for a bit while he was standing there. Then it clicked; I did a quick image search online to compare and I was dead on. I was looking at Ron Jeremy: seventies/eighties porn star. Jeremy is widely regarded as the greatest porn star ever. A few minutes later the guy working the desk asked me if I saw who that was that just checked in. I asked if it was Jeremy and he said yes.

Now, I know you’re asking yourself “why does Dave know the face of an old porn star?” I heard about him in college during one of those weird late-night conversations in the dorms. He was also on a reality show called The Surreal Life back in 2004. No, I didn’t watch the show, but I did see plenty of commercials for it. Weird.