Potty Training and Big Boy Bed…

by Dave

Dave and I have been wondering if Eli is ready to start potty training or at least ready to explore the idea of potty training. For the past month, Eli has taken to grabbing at his diaper either while he is peeing/pooping or once he has finished (no one knows unless we are inside his diaper). For the past week, he now grabs at himself and says something to the effect of ‘pee pee’. I think we’ll head to Target tomorrow and get a little potty for him and see what he does.

We are also going to get some bed rails to put on Eli’s crib until we can get a twin size mattress for his ‘new’ twin bed. With me being home this summer we decided now would be a good time to get him transitioned out of the crib (so the baby can have it when he/she is born). We want him to be well transitioned to the new bed before we transition him to the downstairs bedroom (hopefully at the end of the summer). Lots of changes happening in Eli’s life right now.

As for now, let the new adventures of parenting begin!!