Baby #2

by Dave

I thought I would write a quick post about Baby Burlingame #2. As of Wednesday, June 9th, I am 18 weeks pregnant.

It dawned on me on March 8th that I hadn’t had a period for a number of weeks (although I couldn’t remember when my last cycle was). I took a pregnancy test when I got home, it showed up that it was positive right away. I asked Eli if he wanted to be a big brother, he said “no” and walked away. :) Since I didn’t know when I had my last period, we were able to get in for an ultrasound on March 15th. I just wanted to know my due date so we could tell people our exciting news. We laughed when the technician said the due date was Nov. 10, 2010. We laughed for two reasons: 1. Eli’s birthday is Nov. 11th, 2. it is smack dab in the middle of hunting season. With both babies we tried to NOT get pregnant in February and with both babies we did get pregnant in February. Oops! Oh well.

I should also mention that at the same time we found out we were expecting, we found out our family doctor was leaving. Even though we were super excited for her and her new venture, we knew we were going to miss her greatly.

I knew that I was suppose to see the doctor sometime between 8-10 weeks. Well, I didn’t go see the doctor until I was 14 weeks. I kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off because I was scared (scared of starting over with a new doctor and scared of what was going to happen). The pediatric cardiologist says there is a 4% chance that our future children could have a heart defect. To most that would seem so minuscule, but to me it is still a 4% chance. I explained my fears and concerns to the doctor. He was very reassuring and very nice, this certainly helped to put me at ease.

At the first appointment I got to hear the heart beat and it made me cry. Even though I was feeling reassured about this pregnancy through lots of prayer, my stomach was in knots before my second appointment. I was able to talk to Dave who prayed for me and God gave me instant peace. At my second appointment I heard the heart beat again and cried again. :)

We have an appointment in two weeks for an ultrasound. I’m hoping and praying that the baby will cooperate with us and we learn if we are having a girl or boy. I’m also hoping and praying that the baby will be whole and healthy. I know I made it through the heart stuff once and could do it again, but I don’t want to.

If you happen to think of us, please say a prayer (or two) over the next two weeks. Pray for my fears and concerns to dissipate and that I can rely on God’s strength. Pray that God can cast my fears out and that I can be joyful instead of fearful. Pray that the baby cooperates and gives us a good view. Thank you!