The latest…

by Dave

Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve updated you with any news. Where to begin…

Eli… is successfully sleeping through the night. He has been doing this, more or less, since we moved into our house. We are so thankful that he is now sleeping through the night, that means we are sleeping through the night as well. Eli is crawling all over the place now and pulling himself up on just about everything he can. He is not walking yet but does walk along furniture and other things. His vocabulary is ever expanding, he can now say – mama, dada, baby, book, oh, no and make lots of babbling noises. Because we were unable to have him circumcised when he was born, we had the procedure done last month and he came through with flying colors. Eli is also eating like a horse, he has a lot of new foods that he likes. He likes to eat – apple slices, bananas, peaches, pears, mangoes, grapes, cereal bars, cheerios, puffs, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots (mixed in with fruit), spaghetti-o’s, bean and bacon soup, applesauce, bread chunks and so much more.

Our house… is slowly coming along. We’ve been gone for a few weekends and haven’t gotten too much done. Dave did a beautiful job on our new banister. It looks fantastic! We still need to stain it, but it is up and I feel better having it up (we have the baby gate up now). Yesterday was a good work day for us. We ripped out some sheet rock from the entry way, Dave finished ripping out the sheet rock in the 3rd bedroom, finished painting the kitchen (still needs a 2nd coat), did some more organizing and overall just felt very productive. Our next project is the entryway. We need and want to finish the entry way so we have a place to hang our coats and keys. They take up a lot of space around the house.

Other news…I got new hearing aids (pictures in the ‘randoms’ photo album). I absolutely LOVE them! I wear my hearing aids a lot more now than I ever did before. With my old hearing aids it took me 3-4 weeks to go through a hearing aid battery, now it takes me 8-10 days to go through a battery. I also have a car from work now to drive. I drive a 2010 Ford Focus, its a sweet car and gets good gas mileage. Dave has gotten some new tools and is having tons of fun doing various building projects and working on his car.

I have updated several of the photo albums, please take a look.