Should This Person Be Allowed to Breed?

by Dave

Megan shared a story with me today about her trip to the store. While restocking my pop supply (very important), she encountered a woman (roughly 30 years old) doing the same. Megan was loading up on the 24-pack cubes which were on sale for $6. The other woman grabbed two 12-packs from the shelf, priced at $4 each. Being the kind person she is, Megan informed the woman that a cube is cheaper. The woman responded “Thanks, but we can’t drink that much pop in a week.” Let that one breathe a bit and then read it again.

This sad story brings to mind a thought I’ve often had regarding the many morons I’ve encountered in this world; should this person be allowed to breed? My very [un]scientific observations seem to show that stupid people, such as this woman, are very good at reproducing, and at a faster rate than so-called ‘normal’ people. Here’s hoping we’re not soon overrun by people who can’t do basic math.