Tuesday's update…

by Dave

Eli had a great night, the nurses were very impressed with how well he did. He slept peacefully and his stats looked great. Today when Dave and I got there he was excited to ‘see’ us (his eys were closed), we said ‘hi’ to Eli and his blood pressure went up, his heart rate increased and he was squirming and moving a bunch. The nurses had to give him some more medication to sedate him and keep him calm. The doctors and nurses want to keep him calm and let him rest for a few days before making him ‘work’. We were told yesterday they would take him off the ventilator today but the doctors had a pow-wow and decided to wait until tomorrow, hopefully. They wanted to give him one more day of rest and if he does well tonight they will look at taking him off tomorrow.  Eli was squirming a few different times and responding to touch and voices.

The hopeful plan is, once he’s off the ventilator, the chest tubes and tube to his stomach will come out as well. If he responds well to those changes he will be able to eat after a few hours of resting. Please pray that he will have a great night and we’ll take another step forward tomorrow.

Thank you for all your prayers, comments/emails and support. We are so grateful for all of you!