An update…

by Dave

Wow, it has been a long time since either one of us has posted an update on our busy life. We survived the holiday season. We had a wonderful Christmas season gallivanting the countryside visiting family. It was such a wonderful blessing to have Eli home with us for Christmas, we absolutely loved celebrating his first Christmas with him. Of course we enjoyed showing him off to everyone. :)

We spent New Years with some very good friends of ours (Carlsons, Hintgens, Hintzs and Netolickys). Carlsons opened up their home for us to celebrate the end of the year. We ate homemade pizza, played games, shared Toilet Trivia and enjoyed each other’s company. We came up with our slogan for the year, ‘Accidents Happen’. The challenge is to see what types of ‘accidents’ will happen this year.

I started back to work last week. Most of my students were glad to see me back to work this week, several could care less if I was back or not. The hardest part about going back to work was not having my daily nap time. :) Otherwise it was such a smooth transition for me. Dave spent the week watching our niece, Gator, in the mornings, she slept most of the time. Eli then spent the afternoon at  Nate and Sarah’s place with Aunt Sarah and Gator. As Dave mentioned, we did find an in home daycare for Eli and he will be starting there tomorrow.

Eli is starting to eat more and sleep just a little bit longer. We are looking forward to the day when he sleeps more than 3-4 hours at a time. At the last doctor visit Eli weighed in at just over 10 pounds, he’s a growing boy. When he’s awake he loves to lay on his mat and kick and squirm. In the last week or so, he has started ‘talking’ more. He will make some cooing sounds, otherwise most of his ‘talking’ comes in the form of screams.

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for the cards, well wishes and most importantly – prayers!! We are so thankful for all our steadfast prayer warriors. We love all of you!!

There are new pictures in the photo album. Enjoy!!!