Day of changes…

by Dave

Today has been such a wonderful day. The doctors have stopped the continuous nose feedings and have him eating from a bottle every few hours. Now he gets to experience what it feels like to be hungry, so far he is doing a great job with the bottle feedings. His speech therapist will be pleased to know that he is eating most of his bottles, leaving only a little bit for his feeding tube. This is a huge ‘praise God’ moment, we are that much closer to bringing him home. Yay!!

Eli is also in a new room. They moved him up to the third floor to the Pediatric Intermediate Care Unit (IMC). The IMC is much nicer that PICU and NICU. Eli now has his own room with a TV, couch/bed, closet space, recliner and his own bathroom. He was so excited about the transfer that he slept through the entire thing.

Eli’s new room number is 3128 and the phone number for this room is 612.874.4978.