by Dave

Eli is continuing to progress at a rapid rate. He lost a few more lines the last couple days and is down to just a few things. The doc gave us an estimate of 3-10 days remaining in the hospital, depending on how well he eats.

Megan went back this afternoon to hang out with the boy. While there, she gave him a bottle and he ate it quite well and quite fast. There’s talk of him possibly moving out of the PICU tomorrow to his own recovery room upstairs. Here’s hoping.

Eli started our visiting time this morning by sleeping, but, before long he was wide awake. We had a great time holding him and pinching his chubby little cheeks. He was also practicing his smile. Here’s a look at one of his smiles. The timing of the photo wasn’t quite perfect, so his smile looks a little funny. Trust me, it was a very good smile. You’ll also notice that he’s finally wearing clothes. Yesterday was the first day he didn’t spend naked.