by Dave

Here are my pictures from the past few weeks – week 33 and 34. My apologies for not getting them up sooner.

I also have an update on Baby Rupert from the past couple of weeks as well. He is growing and his movements are becoming more exaggerated with each passing day. As I type this he is busy moving my entire stomach around, kinda fun to watch. I also learned what a contraction was suppose to feel like and I believe I’m having the Braxton Hicks contractions several times a day.

Anyway, each week we go in for an ultrasound called a ‘biophysical profile’ or BPP. The purpose of the BPP is to check five different areas: my amnio fluids, his movement, heart-rate, muscle tone and whether is practicing his breathing skills or not. Apparently babies only practice breathing 1/3 of the time they are in the womb. If Rupert does well and ‘passes’ these test they will put in him the ‘normal, healthy baby’ range.

He is graded on a 10 point scale.

  • 10/10 = he passed and everything looks great
  • 8/10 = he is missing one component of the test (typically not practicing breathing skills)
  • 6/10 = I’m going back the next day for further assessments
  • 4/10 = I’m going to the hospital for monitoring
  • 2/10 = I’m having this baby NOW.

We have had two ‘tests’ and so far, Rupert has passed with a perfect score. Our son is a fighter and very determined to be born healthy.

We still covet your prayers for him, a complete healing of his heart and that he will be born complete and healthy. We also covet your prayers for us as we finish out the last few weeks of this pregnancy and continue to prepare for our little man to come home with us.

I have also added new pictures to the ‘Baby Boy Burlingame’ album. Go take a look!