Why I Like Matthew Berry

by Dave

In a few short years, I’ve become a fantasy football addict. I’m not to the point of playing in 13 leagues at the same time, but I do invest a few hours every week doing research and making my team better (in addition to the nine hours of “research” I do every Sunday watching three games in a row). I just love football.

One of the many people I keep track of in the fantasy football world is Matthew Berry, aka the Talented Mr. Roto, who works for ESPN. I like him because he has good information, but also because he’s a bit strange. Here’s an excerpt from a recent article; it’s just one of the many random things that gets mixed into football talk.

When I first got to ESPN, I was told I could subscribe to three magazines the company would pay for. I chose US Weekly and People as two of them. They were like … uh, really? And I was like … yeah. Absolutely. And they said … most people order, like, sports magazines and stuff. And I said, “Yeah, here’s the deal. I know sports. But pop culture — that takes research, baby!” I had to justifty to my employer, in writing, why I wanted a bunch of chick mags. Today, I feel completly justified.

The rest of the article can be found here. Perhaps this is what you get from years of staring at and analyzing statistics.