Weeks 31 and 32…

by Dave

Here is my picture from week 31. Nothing awesome happened this week. Baby Rupert is shifting and moving a lot. When he shifts and moves my entire stomach shifts and moves with him, it’s awesome to see but usually uncomfortable to feel.


Week 32…Baby Rupert had a lot of hiccups this week, wowza!! I had two baby showers this past weekend. One was for the Paulson family, hosted by Jodi (wonderful cousin) and Brianna (wonderful sister). It was tons of fun! We had a wonderful time hanging out with family, eating yummy food and opening LOTS of presents. Jodi’s little boy, Connor, helped Dave and I open presents for a little while, it was cute. I’m looking forward to our little guy helping us open presents one day. The other baby shower was hosted by my cousins – Kathy, Melissa, Laurie and Michelle. They invited all the ladies from church. We had a great time. We are absolutely BLESSED!!!!!!! The amount of stuff we received from friends and family. We have almost everything we need for the arrival of this little guy. Wow!! Thank you to those who love us and our baby!!!!!