Weeks 25 and 26

by Dave

Since the pictures for week 25 and 26 were taken two days apart I’m posting them together. I don’t see a difference. :) We have enjoyed being able to see my belly move while Rupert is busy moving on the inside. It’s been kind of entertaining. On Sunday I had the privilege of being tickled by Rupert. He was all the way over on my right side and did a quick series of punches or kicks and it TICKLED!!! I started giggling and Dave was confused as to what was happening. Rupert has done this several time since, he seems to enjoy making me cringe and giggle.

Week 25 and 5 days

Week 26

You may have noticed the new location for the pictures, Dave is currently laid up with a sprained ankle (which has been healing over the last week) but he wasn’t able to stand up to take the pictures. Just trying to spice things up a bit. :)