I Wouldn't Say I've Been Missing It, Bob

by Dave

The big softball tourney was fun, but it ended prematurely for me; toward the end of the first game I slid into third base and sprained my ankle pretty badly. I went to the ER for x-rays after the games were over. They said my bones and ligaments looked fine and gave me a brace to wear during and after recovery. That put a quick end to my plans to go camping after the games.

Since my job requires me to walk and lift heavy things, I’ve been calling in sick all this week. As much as I enjoy not working, sitting around the house is getting a bit old.

I’m hoping my ankle gets better soon since Megan and I are going out of town this weekend. It’s our anniversary week and we’re headed to the cheese-land for a Packer game at Lambeau. I’d rather not have to hobble around Green Bay.