Week 24.5 and Stuff

by Dave

Here I am at week 24.5. I can’t seem to get a picture taken on the right day, oh well. I have on a new outfit from my Momma. She has been so wonderful to me, Dave and Baby Rupert. She has also been very generous and giving to us as well. Thank you so much Mom!! Yes, I changed the direction of my pose this week, we thought we would spice it up a little bit. :)

I also went to a pottery painting place with some good friends of mine and painted Baby Rupert a ducky bank. I was very excited about painting him a bank of some sort and the ducky was just too cute. I couldn’t resist. We have already put all of our spare change into, hopefully someday we will have enough spare change to be able to send him off to college. :) Here is a close up image of the ducky bank.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us and Baby Rupert. We know your prayers are being heard by the great physician, God Almighty, in heaven. God is truly amazing and can do such wondrous works. We have complete faith in Him and His ability to heal our little boy. Thank you again for your prayers and keep them coming!!!