New Electro-Harmonix Bass Pedals

by Dave

I’m quite excited about a bunch of new bass pedals that Electro-Harmonix will soon be releasing. Interestingly enough, three of the four are distortion pedals.

First, and foremost, the Bass Big Muff Pi. After owning a NYC reissue, I settled on the newer Little Big Muff for my bass distortion. The new Bass Muff is the same size as the LBM and has the standard three knobs, but also includes what appears to be a 3-position toggle switch with the settings NORMAL, BASS BOOST, and DRY. I’m very interested to see what kind of difference the toggle switch makes.

The Bass Blogger is supposed to be a more subtle distortion. The toggle switch allows the user to choose between DRIVE and FUZZ.

The Steel Leather is a bass expander. Here’s what EHX has to say about the pedal:

A controllable percussive/attack effect designed specifically for bass guitar. Includes controls for response and effect level.

Lastly, the Bass Metaphors combines distortion, compression, and EQ. The EHX site doesn’t include much of a description for this one, but the foot switches lead me to believe that the EQ and/or compression are controlled by the BYPASS switch and the distortion can be switched on independent of the others. It also appears to have some interesting output routing options. Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long to give them all a try.