Week 17.5

by Dave

Here is week 17.5. My mom took the picture out on their deck – beautiful!! I am now into week 18 and I still need to take a picture. On Monday, June 16th, I felt the baby move for the very first time. I have felt ‘things’ before but was never for sure that it was the baby. Monday, I was absolutely sure it was the baby. I felt a lot of tumbling and turning as well as a thump or two. It was such an awesome feeling!!! All day Tuesday, during my class, I was distracted every time I felt the baby move. Now the classic feeling is a thump or better described as popcorn popping in my belly. Dave keeps touching my belly hoping he can feel the baby move, but not yet though. We have scheduled the ultrasound for July 7th, hopefully the baby will cooperate and be spread eagle for us to figure out what we are having. We also just found out that in October we are going to have a niece, Nate and Sarah, are going to have a little girl. Yay!!!!