The New Loop Pedal – Part 1

by Dave

I have a great loop pedal, but wanted an additional loop to isolate things a bit more. Here’s the new configuration: the signal comes into the loop pedal, goes out to loop one (the Small Stone and Little Big Muff), back to the loop pedal and then out to loop two (Ampeg Sub-Blaster and MXR EQ), then back to the loop pedal and out to my preamp.

I wanted the additional loop because of the Small Stone. It’s a big-time tone-sucker when in bypass mode. I like it being paired with the Little Big Muff as it tames the distortion a bit, but the octave pedal likes a clean signal with a lot of treble so it can easily duplicate the signal an octave lower. Now, to the construction.

First I made a cardboard mockup to get the measurements down.

Everything fit nicely, so I drilled the new enclosure. It quickly became obvious that I need a drill press (the holes are not centered or lined up as well as I had hoped.

Part two will show the rest.