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A few more belly bump pictures…

by Megan

Pictures were taken in September through end of December. I forgot to get a “just before she came” belly picture. 

Birthday Celebrations

by Megan

With the boys’ birthdays being just 4 days apart and during hunting season…we celebrate early and often! We have a joint birthday party with a few of their friends before Dave leaves for his hunting trip. 

Eli turned 6 and Noah turned 4 years old. Seems crazy to have boys so big! I remember when they were just little babies…sigh. 

We had a bowling party with some of their friends at the local bowling alley. They all had a blast! We’ll definitely do that again. 😄

We also spent some time at the zoo celebrating birthdays! 

Katie, Caleb and Lillian wanted to take the boys to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and games. So much fun! 

Picture Dump!! 

by Megan

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve updated our blog. Lots has happened since the last update. Here’s some pictures and stories… Some fun, fall outings included a trip to the local fire station for Fire Safety week. The boys even got to try out the hose! 

We spent a beautiful afternoon playing at a local pumpkin patch. The kids jumped in some bouncy houses, went on a hayride and played mini-golf! The fresh air definitely wore us all out. Naps that afternoon were fantastic!!

We had a rare moment of no boys for several days (no school or daycare…so off to Poppa’s they went!). So, Dave and I had several dates while they were gone. One of our dates was a short dinner cruise, out of Hudson. It was a gorgeous, clear night. The fall colors were bright and plentiful!! I even got to see a family friend, Marion Anderson, that I haven’t seen in YEARS!!! 

Halloween fun! The boys carved pumpkins, with Daddy’s help of course. 😄 We had an Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Baby Pumpkin.

Poppa got a big buck!! 

It’s a…

by Megan


We had an ultrasound on Tuesday morning. We took a card with us and asked the technician to write down – boy or girl. That card sat in my purse, which was in my car, for the day. But surprisingly enough, the temptation to peek wasn’t there.

Later that day, we meet with our photographer, December Orpen, for the gender reveal. We also brought with us two bouquets of balloons. One bouquet said “Baby Boy” and the other said “Baby Girl”. We turned our backs to December. She opened the card, read the gender and placed the correct bouquet of balloons behind us. She counted down and we turned around.

I was so nervous! I would’ve been excited with either gender but really wanted a baby girl.

Here are the pictures from the gender reveal session. It was so much fun!!
















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1st Day of Kindergarten

by Megan

Eli started kindergarten and loves it! I don’t know where the time has gone. But my baby is growing up!!