Picture Dump!! 

by Megan

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve updated our blog. Lots has happened since the last update. Here’s some pictures and stories… Some fun, fall outings included a trip to the local fire station for Fire Safety week. The boys even got to try out the hose! 

We spent a beautiful afternoon playing at a local pumpkin patch. The kids jumped in some bouncy houses, went on a hayride and played mini-golf! The fresh air definitely wore us all out. Naps that afternoon were fantastic!!

We had a rare moment of no boys for several days (no school or daycare…so off to Poppa’s they went!). So, Dave and I had several dates while they were gone. One of our dates was a short dinner cruise, out of Hudson. It was a gorgeous, clear night. The fall colors were bright and plentiful!! I even got to see a family friend, Marion Anderson, that I haven’t seen in YEARS!!! 

Halloween fun! The boys carved pumpkins, with Daddy’s help of course. 😄 We had an Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Baby Pumpkin.

Poppa got a big buck!!